Kairos South Africa Sep 2014 2 resizedThe Kairos course was run in South Africa for the first time in French this year, from May to June. Twenty-three participants coming from various churches and nations (Congo, Nigeria, Ivory Coast, and South Africa) went through the course together, and are now drawn to the passion of God’s heart for the nations. The course concluded with a graduation ceremony inviting pastors and other Christians to participate in a prayer walk around Yeoville, a melting pot of African nations in Johannesburg. In Yeoville, you will hear a multitude of African languages being spoken, from isiZulu, Swahili and Yoruba to Amharic, Ibo and Wolof.
Meanwhile, twenty-seven participants took part in another Kairos course conducted at St. Andrews Presbyterian Church, run mainly for the church’s leadership. By the end of the course, the whole Presbytery, consisting of ministers from 26 congregations, agreed to go through Kairos, beginning in September.
Feedback from the participants was inspiring and included some practical steps. “I am committing to pray for a least reached people group every day and encouraging my son to join in!” one says.


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