Kairos Honduras Sep 2014 resizedKairos was conducted for the first time in Honduras’ capital, Tegucigalpa, in April this year. The course took on a live-in, intensive format, allowing the fourteen participants more opportunities for spontaneous discourse on their insights and evolving worldviews. One remarked: “Kairos confronted me with the reality of God’s call on my life in relation to least reached peoples.” Another said: “Kairos is impacting and challenging and it needs to be shared more in the wider church body.”
In June, a Head Facilitators Training Course was held – the first with facilitators from Honduras and Guatemala. The partnership between teams from different countries was one of the highlights of the training. Seven trainees attended the HFTC, along with another facilitator from Chile, in the hopes of running Kairos in Chile as well. A Facilitators Training Course took place a week later, with ten participants coming from Honduras, Guatemala, El Salvador, and the San Pedro Sula area.
Twelve people came to experience the Kairos course at the end of June. All participants attended each session of the course, which took on an intensive format. The feedback from the participants was inspiring. One said: “I resisted God’s call on my life, but now I can’t.” Another said: “There is so much to be done. What a wake up call!”
In addition, running the course helped strengthen the facilitation team in the Northern region of Honduras.


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