Kairos PNG Sep 2014 resizedA Kairos course was recently held in Papua New Guinea from July 7 to 11, and was attended by eleven participants. One course highlight was the participants’ strong commitment to comprehensively complete the readings and worksheets, despite having limited access to electricity at night, and English being a second language for many. Despite technical challenges, the course was a success. While the churches represented already had a level of interest in mission, there is now a strong focus among participants on reaching unreached people groups in West Papua.  “This course has so much in it that it should be done over a month rather than in a week,” says one participant. Nelaimingas atsitikimas darbe nelaimingiatsitikimaidarbe.lt
A Facilitators Training took place immediately following the course, with five participants who underwent it. The training was marked by the participants’ enthusiasm, and the interest in following up with more courses for them to facilitate.
A second Kairos course was held on July 14 to 18, with a larger number of twenty participants. In spite of the challenges in the language and lack of electrical power at night, the group showed the same commitment to reading and worksheets, with many expressions of inspiring personal applications and thoughts as the sessions progressed. There was a high level of excitement over the course, and participants had a strong desire to see the materials translated into Pidgin.


Kairos Peru Sep 2014 resizedEight facilitator trainees underwent a Facilitators Training in Peru in April, while a Kairos course attended by thirty-seven participants happened simultaneously in the evenings. The team grew in confidence as they did training in the mornings, and helped facilitate the course at night, immediately putting to practice the concepts they had learned.
Participants of the course commented on the facilitation team’s dynamic and facilitating skill. One participant observed the following: “The trainees being well prepared was a great model for us. I also really appreciated the opportunity to share with other facilitators, and our times of prayer for one another was a special blessing.”
The Kairos course itself was marked by excitement over the changes in worldview taking place. At the end of the course, feedback from participants included steps in moving forward in their newfound, God-given vision: “I’ll be making immediate changes to the way I give and especially in giving to missions,” one said. Another commented, “I am praying that God will give me someone to pray for and evangelize.”


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