Kairos Philippines July 2013 resizedThe Foursquare denomination of the Philippines, led by their President, Val Chaves, and General Supervisor, Delfin Corona, together with twenty-eight other national & regional leaders, convened at the LSI Center, Butuan City in June this year for an exclusive five-day Kairos intensive.  The entire senior leadership did the Kairos Course as a precursor for involving their entire denomination, consisting of more than 1900 churches, in strategic mission!

A strong learning atmosphere that escalated as the course progressed was a distinct feature of this course. The Head Facilitator, Max Chismon, was kept busy convening animated discussions on the course material and the application of newfound concepts that, Lord willing, could reshape church/denominational life and ministry. The Kairos material, together with the special activities, deeply challenged existing paradigms of church life and denominational thinking.

The Kairos course ended with the unanimous decision by all the leaders to meet for Facilitator Training, plans for which are already in place. Their long term goal is that all Foursquare churches in the Philippines will be running Kairos as a regular part of their discipleship program and become more fervently and strategically involved in ministry and cross-cultural mission.


Kairos Norway Mar 2013“Life changing!” “A real eye opener!” “I have been equipped for my calling.” “This brought me closer to God.” “It kickstarted my heart for the nations!”
These statements constitute just a fraction of the feedback from the 23 participants who recently concluded a dynamic and intense week of Kairos as part of their Discipleship Training School at Sola on the West Coast of Norway. Seven newly-trained facilitators, all with a vision for spreading Kairos to the churches in their area, did a great job of guiding the participants through the learning experience, under the watchful eye of two more seasoned facilitators.
With the participants representing a total of 10 nations, this course was run bilingually, with materials given in both Norwegian and English. A Norwegian version of the Kairos Reader has been used previously, however, some of the presentations were also done in Norwegian for the first time. We are now one step closer to running a fully Norwegian Kairos experience, and will likely happen later this year in a church in Oslo. 
In the meantime work continues in translating the remaining materials and following up the growing interest for Kairos in Norway.



Kairos UK Apr 2013Thirteen participants, ranging in age from early 20s to early 70s all hailing from Zimbabwe, attended a Kairos course in Woodlands Church, Bristol. Other participants also hailed from different parts of the world, including South Africa, Ghana, Pakistan and India.

The presence of God was strongly felt over the course, with the level of participation being extremely high. One of the most exciting aspects was at the end of the course when participants were provided immediate opportunities to get involved in cross-cultural mission, locally and beyond, through Woodlands Global Partnerships.  They were also given opportunities to work with international students, the local initiative in Easton as well as being involved in regular mission prayer meetings. One student has returned to Pakistan and may be interested in assisting with the translation and development of Kairos in that nation.

Not so far off in Glasgow, 18 participants, five facilitators and a cook from the church Re: Hope underwent transformation as they went through the Kairos course. Teamwork and student participation were highlights of the course's dynamics, and more Kairos courses are being planned in the future.



Kairos Russia Apr 2013Astrakhan is a city of nations. A conglomeration of different ethnic groups, the church in this city has the potential to powerfully impact the South of Russia and neighboring nations.

Kairos was recently conducted in Astrakhan, bringing in forty-two participants. Pastor Pavel was truly inspired to make a difference and to see his church reach the nations on their doorstep. He has a strategy to plant a new church in one of the districts in their region. Some people made commitments to financially sow into missions, while others kindled their passion for praying for the least reached people groups. Several churches were represented, and it was amazing to see such a dynamic change of worldview, as this whole group deeply embraced the call to missions!



Kairos Kenya 5 Apr 2013With 320 participants, majority of which are university students, attending over 12 Kairos courses since January, more and more young people in Kenya are committing themselves to God in fulfilling the Great Commission.

A Kairos course was also held at ACM from March 25 to April 2, setting in motion a change in worldviews and transformation in people. Philomena, who works for a mission agency said, "There is so much in Kairos I didn't know!" Furthermore, Ps Patrick Wang'ang'a who has done mission work in Sth Sudan was amazed at how specific Kairos was in addressing him personally. "Kairos is transforming my life!"  he said.

In the meantime, 34 Kairos facilitators underwent an annual two-day upskilling training that covered topics such as The Ministry of The Prophet, Facilitating vs. Teaching, Commitment vs. Surrender, Vision Casting and others. There was much positive feedback during this year's training.

Head facilitators are showing much promise as well.  Director of Africa Centre for Missions (ACM) Rev Ezekiel Jako is becoming a key person in spreading Kairos in Kenya,  He speaks passionately about the course wherever he goes.

In addition, Rev Moses Otunga has a vision for Kairos to spread through the Meru region of Kenya. Ps Samuel Mwangi has a similar vision for the Nyeri region, and Ptr. Kinahuzu has a vision for his entire denomination to be mobilized for mission.


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