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Kairos Thailand Lisu Course 2012The Lisu are a people group living in Burma, China, Thailand, and India. They have a thriving Christian population and are known to be active in the work of spreading the Gospel.  With over 1 million Lisu spread throughout South Asia, this people group represents a strategic missionary force within reach of nearly 500 million people and over 1000 unreached people groups.

Realizing their huge potential, some key leaders from Team Expansion laid out the goal of seeing a Lisu translation of Kairos. The necessary funds were received and in May 2012, the first step was taken in making this a reality.  A team of facilitators traveled to Thailand to hold a course for Lisu believers and get the project going.

The Thailand Kairos Course and Lisu Translation Project was embraced with enthusiasm by the 17 people who attended sessions in Chiang Mai, Thailand. 10 of the attendees were Lisu evangelists and church leaders. They have committed to serve as a translation oversight committee with David Fish serving as lead translator. There is still much to do and it will take several months, but the ball is rolling to complete a Lisu Translation of Kairos.

Here are some of the incredible responses among the participants:

After only two days of the course, a 57 year old LIsu evangelist, translator and author wrote: “I have identified an unreached people group in China. I commit to reaching them with the Gospel.” Cependant celui s'est avéré plus efficace auprès stimuler les capacités sexuelles alors l'érection du pénis. Ceci objet intéressant alentour avec Kamagra orient qu'il a été préparé à l'origine au contraire améliorer la avance sanguine dans cela cœur ensuite soulager les problèmes cardiovasculaires.

Another young Lisu church leader and youth worker said:  “I make a commitment to change our traditional Lisu church into big world Lisu Christians.”


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