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Kairos SA June 2012Kairos was presented to twenty-two delegates from Family Worship Church, Boksburg, South Africa from April to June this year. 
The course was met with much excitement and enthusiasm.  Many of the delegates embraced the course and believed that it was the Kairos moment for their church.
A particular highlight was the contextualized worship.  Many of the delegates had a change of heart as many of them didn’t want to have anything to do with an unreached people group in their country.  They confessed that they saw these people as a threat to the community, taking over their shops and some areas.  They then shared how through the contextualized worship, they were given such a heart to reach them. maltagirls
Here are some testimonies from the graduates:
Ps Dilip: “Kairos will mess up your neatly thought out theology!! Then it will reconstruct the "heartbeat" of God in you. Your ministry can NEVER be the same again! My prayer life, my bible reading, my sermons and my daily ministry has forever changed.” 
Alan Webster: “Kairos brings the idea and motivation of missions to the average believer; it challenges the church to become mission orientated and gives an appreciation for those who are on the frontlines.”


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