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Kairos Rwanda 2 Sep 2012“Thank you for making us pay for this course”. This was the unusual remark the organizers received from a number of participants who attended the Kairos course in Rwanda.  Paying for a course is new and unprecedented in this country.  The acceptable norm is either for a course to be fully subsidized or participants were to be paid a sitting allowance just to attend a seminar.
Twenty-one joined the course, sixteen of them Pastors and church leaders representing different denominations and organizations. This was the first Kairos in Rwanda where pastors joined in and it was positively received!  A number of Pastors testified that even though they had attended many conferences, Kairos was so different and very impacting. During the presentation of the devotion “Financing the Great Commission”, the facilitator addressed the need to break the dependency mentality that is prevalent in Rwanda if the Church is to become missional.  
Part of the way forward is to pray and trust God for regular Kairos Courses for church leaders in Rwanda.  Participants expressed the need to translate Kairos to Kinyarwanda, its most spoken and understood language. Education is an important features that can alone to inspire you to push your kids up into playing these nice educational online site friv games. But one another important thing, which can not be forgotten, is the opportunity to control your child.
Soon after the course, 16 participants joined the training to become facilitators of Kairos.


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