What others are saying:

The Kairos course has helped us (as a church) to deepen the missions interest of our members. The interactive nature of the course provides many opportunities to guide and bring understanding on many mission issues.
Mission Pastor. Church of Our Saviour, SINGAPORE

Every local church should use this tool in preparing itself for active missions
Pastor Jack Geurin,  New Zealand Apostolic Mission Director

We run the course twice each year. It is a great tool to inspire, motivate and equip teams to reach out to the nations. 
Pastor Peter Chen, Kenmore Baptist, Brisbane, Australia

I have been in ministry for 32 years and a missionary for 18 years.  This course is one of the best I have come across.
Dr Charles Dewing,   Seminary Lecturer, USA

This course is not only a curriculum but a tool for strategic mission.  This course can be used in many countries here in Asia.
Joseph Lee, President, Tribes and Nations, PHILIPPINES

Understanding God’s heart beat for missions has given me a greater love for Him, compassion for the lost, zeal in service and power in prayer.
Evelyn Goh, Singapore